Jay Pinto’s undeniably catchy folk/pop melodies surround lyrics capturing the complex realities of love, family, home, and perhaps most significantly, hope. As a songwriter Jay sees his role as an observer of the world whose task is to distill his experience into an emotional connection with the audience—in a 3-minute pop song. This challenge has driven him during his 30-year career as an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician and producer, leading to what has been described as an “ability to write what may be close to the perfect pop song.” (Victor Alfieri, WordKraft review of 2013 single “Whoa.”)

Musically, Jay reaches far beyond his genre’s standard acoustic fare. Whether working on his own song or one for a client, you might find him in his home studio sampling the jangling of aluminum can tabs for a new sound design, layering a cloth-muffled bassline into a mix that needed an extra “something,” or recording vocal “oohs,” “ahs” and “la-la-las.” Jay’s musical universe is limited only by his imagination; everything is an instrument, every word is a lyric, every situation is an opportunity to create.

At the age of eight, Jay began what would be a lifelong passion for music. First playing piano, then guitar, Jay’s boyhood fascination with music eventually led him to write and perform his own songs. After relocating from his native Boston to the West Coast, Jay performed original music on stages from Sacramento to L.A.; San Francisco to Seattle. It was in Seattle that he met Tom Kennedy and the two formed Bananafish—an acoustic folk-pop duo that recorded and released four CDs and toured internationally, sharing stages with Heart, Shawn Colvin, and Ani DiFranco.

In 1999 Jay released his first solo album, 9 Song Demo. Over the next decade he sharpened his craft through the discipline of writing music for television and film, landing placements in major daytime soaps, primetime network and cable dramas such as The Sopranos, Queer as Folk, and Party of Five. He also brought his vast artistic and industry experience to the studio as a producer working with newer artists like Emilia Glaser, Pellegrini, Adena Atkins, and Dana Hubanks. In 2012 he released full-length album, blink, followed by 2013 single, “Whoa.”

Currently Jay is writing and recording his third solo album—to be released on his own label, Nervesauce Music—and preparing for a 2017 international tour in the United States, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland.