“On ‘Jay Pinto’, the self-named third album from this Seattle-based composer and singer-songwriter, is presenting a ‘best of’ collection of some of his previously released tracks. But here they have a fresh acoustic treatment that demonstrates their strength and timelessness.”


“Infectious melodies and a catchy hook reel you in on ‘Can’t Take That Away.’ Pinto is a pop craftsman and this track is proof. Just wait until you are in the elevator a few days from now and start singing the la-las at the end of the song with a knowing smile and you will see.”

Victor Alfieri

Indie Music Reviewer

“just adore your lyrical work Jay..such rich, metaphorical imagery, and on “only the truth is funny” you’ve got a pop melody that approaches perfection. So much to love about your style and easy, well-crafted writing. Top bloke, top tunes. You got a new fan from the Empire!!”


“…his work shows that he really listens, reads, analyzes his own experience – then integrates it all to say something useful about the planet and our place here. His message is honest and his melodies are beautiful vehicles even when they convey rather somber lyrics……”
Shirley Cottle


“The lyrics are profound…there is a serious intent, a sometimes wrenching sadness behind the upbeat sound.”
Ann Katzenbach

Port Townsend Leader

“Jay is no stranger to the music industry. His infectious melodies and catchy lyrics have been entertaining fans for more than twenty five years. He’s not only a singer, but a songwriter, musician, and a producer. With that amount of experience, it’s no surprise how enjoyable his latest release, blink, is.”

Melissa Landrin

Indie Music Reviewer